Best Imitation jewelry


Best Imitation Jewelry

Parakkat Jewels offers the finest quality, affordable imitation jewelry.

We are a leading imitation jewelry company in Kerala. We have a broad range of products that includes best quality imitation jewelry to suit all budgets and needs.


Parakkat delivers the purest gold layered ornaments with 100% guarantee and the value of our ornaments is much beyond the price tag and people rely and trust on us for their needs. Our wide range of collection in gold layering and silver coating is embellished with a diamond finish on star cut American diamond, ruby, emerald and other varieties of jewelry. You can even bring in any material of your choice to get it gold plated the Parakkat way. Have any specific design or ornament in mind, point it out or even scribble its picture out for us and we will bring it to life.

Know More About Parakkat Jewels

We make no compromise on the quality and prime purity of the gold layering that we provide in our products and services. Parakkat Jewels’ years of expertise and the techniques and technologies used in the processing and management of jewelry offer the highest guarantee and ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Our Aim!

We aim to make classy ornaments accessible and affordable for every section of the society. This will be done without compromising on the quality or quantity of materials. We use authentic, pure and ethically sourced materials and customers can safely wear all one gram gold layered jewellery purchased from Parakkat without any doubt about the impact on the health of the user or the environment.

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