Parakkat Jewels Buy Back Policy

PR model Buy Back Policy

 All the products that purchased from Parakkat are possible for buy back at own managed showrooms. This policy doesn’t mean the cash refund. The customer can buy new ornaments buy trading the old ornaments. So, it helps customers can use fresh and new designs according to trends. The buyback amount will clearly be mentioned in the warranty paper. Hard or soft copy of bill and warranty paper is mandatory for buy back.

By using this policy, customers can save a little amount of money. Because, normally this type products are not have resell value. So, people kept all these types of products at any corner of self for a long time after few years of usage. Because, the model may out of fashion or size may not fit for them. Commonly it has some minute damages. So, first time in the history of imitation ornaments, Parakkat has introduce the Buyback warranty for its premium model product category which is PR model category.