This is Parakkat’s detailed catalogue of the chain section. The size of the chain is consider and mentioned in length and measured in inches. The different standard lengths are 15″,18″,24″,30″ and 36″.  The chain section consist of two major divisions.

Golden Chain Section  &  Stone Chain Section

Golden Chain Section means, the base metal is copper and then up on it layered with 24ct gold as well as in Stone chain section, use pearls, gem stones and other spiritual seeds like rudhraksham etc.

Golden Parakkat Chain

The golden chain section is grouped on the basis of thickness of the product. The thickness is measured and mentioned in millimeter (mm). Select from the group.  The groups are .. 

Stone Parakkat Chain

The stone chain section is grouped on the basis of attractions like pearl, coral, gem stone, karumani etc. 

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