Our Story

Parakkat Jewels offers an exciting array of purest gold layered or ‘one gram gold’ ornaments with a 100% guarantee. Our extensive collection of premium one gram gold- coated ornaments is a trusted favourite among the growing customer base.

Since its inception in 1990, the company has offered inspired designs, matchless craftsmanship and above all the guarantee of quality and value for money. Customers value it for the usage of finest and purest materials in its newest jewellery collections and eternal classic ones.

We are pioneers and specialize in 1 gm. ornaments coated with gold of 1-5 micron thickness. These are made of pure and unadulterated silver, copper, brass with 24-carat gold plating or layering that is acknowledged as a unique quality of Parakkat products. Our guaranteed 24-carat pure gold plating ensures attractive, reliable and long-lasting ornaments.

Why Parakkat?

Parakkat delivers the purest gold layered ornaments with 100% guarantee and the value of our ornaments is much beyond the price tag and people rely and trust on us for their needs. Our wide range of collection in gold layering and silver coating is embellished with a diamond finish on star cut American diamond, ruby, emerald and other varieties of jewellery. You can even bring in any material of your choice to get it gold plated the Parakkat way. Have any specific design or ornament in mind, point it out or even scribble its picture out for us and we will bring it to life.


We aim to make classy ornaments accessible and affordable for every section of the society. This will be done without compromising on the quality or quantity of materials. We use authentic, pure and ethically sourced materials and customers can safely wear all one-gram gold layered jewellery purchased from Parakkat without any doubt about the impact on the health of the user or the environment.

Parakkat's History

Mr. Prakash Parakkat, the Chairman of Parakkat group of Companies, had come up in life the hard way. As one of the eight children of a single mother, he learnt the importance and value of hard work while the entrepreneurial spirit of his mother (Ms. Kalyani who started a business of processing rice from paddy) inspires him in establishing and leading Parakkat group of Companies.

The company began with two ‘pure gold’ showrooms at Kalady and Sreemoolanagaram (Kerala)but the company decided to move into 1gram gold plated jewellery. The decision to make and sell 1gm gold jewellery was influenced and inspired by a lightweight, elegant idol of Lord Ganapathi made from fibre and layered in gold that the couple bought at the Swarnalokam Exhibition in Ernakulam.

The company then decided to focus on introducing a new era of ornaments affordable to all classes that would be classy, long-lasting and lustrous like gold. Parakkat Jewels established itself through exhibitions all over Kerala- followed by the launch of regular shops that were successful, leading to more branches and extension of their services in districts of Kerala.

The moderately priced and elegantly designed ornaments plated with 24-carat gold served as the choicest alternative to the demand for gold. Due to the growing price of gold, Parakkat Jewels found a ready and growing market that was fully satisfied by the price, quality and reliability of its ornaments.

Our jewellery provided a different alternative to the method of making lightweight gold ornaments that had a golden shell with fibre inners. Mr. Prakash Parakkat decided to use only natural elements like copper, brass, and silver with a coating of 24 carat gold using the latest technology.

The focus on the purity of the jewellery and excellent customer service has been instrumental in the success of Parakkat Jewels. Mr. Prakash considers the point of view of the customer for all major product and business decisions. This approach was the prime motive behind making silver or copper ornaments layered in gold, making it affordable for everyone.

With Parakkat Jewels becoming famous, Mr. Prakash has been keen to make people aware of real 1gm gold to differentiate Parakkat from others in the market who are making and selling ornaments in the name of 1gm gold. This is important since there are the old ‘rolled gold’ sellers tried to capitalize on the trust in Parakkat’s 1gm gold among customers. They have advertised themselves as 1gm gold sellers and priced the products accordingly but sell the items that have the same quality as the old ‘rolled gold’.

Parakkat’s ‘Kalyani’ brand of ornaments, named after the mother of Mr. Prakash Parakkat, further differentiate the company’s products in the market. The brand features reasonably priced jewellery that are artistic, long-lasting and stylish. These ornaments were made with the ‘micro-foaming ‘method with a clear lacquer cover that was comparable to the normal ‘gold covering’ ornaments.

This served as an entry point into the market to demonstrate and convince the customers about the abiding value of Parakkat Jewels. These customers then moved over to our regular 1gm gold ornaments once they were convinced about the real 1gm gold from Parakkat when compared to the other ‘rolled gold’ sellers who have advertised themselves as 1gm gold sellers.

Parakkat’s ‘Divisti’ collection features a range of religious and spiritual idols, figurines, motifs and symbols with a variety of finishes and detailing. The products in this range include lamps, manichitrathazh, plates, glass, parra, urli, warrp, temple works like thazhikakudam, prabhavalayam, thidambu, chembu, chenmbola, golaka, kodimaram, pooja vessels, besides mementos, trophy, peepal leaves, crowns, and home décor and gifting items, etc.

These can also be customized and personalized for the customer on the image or material of their choice and any layering specifications.

Manufacturing Process

Parakkat Jewels stands apart with its signature style that comes from its unique manufacturing process. Parakkat Jewels uses 1 gram of 24-carat gold while others make 1000 or more ornaments from the same quantity and additionally their process of micro plating is different, even though they advertise themselves as 1gm gold. This quantity and purity of 24-carat gold used in the manufacture makes our ornaments distinct and ensures that they do not fade away or lose its colour during regular use like other ordinary imitations. Our experts and specialists use only the best materials and stones.



Parakkat Jewels owes its success to the proficient and skilled craftsmen involved in the ornament manufacturing process. Their skills, the machinery and technology provide all of our ornaments with the high-quality finishing to the ornaments layered with gold of 1–5-micron thickness. All our staff and craftsmen have been with us through our journey of over 25 years. These craftsmen include traditional goldsmiths with the highest levels of skills, training and craftsmanship and you can see the proof in our ornaments.

Parakkat Media, YouTube channel

Parakkat Media, YouTube channel starts by Parakkat Group of Companies to interact with all over the world. Parakkat is a business organization based in Kerala. Mr. Prakash Parakkat, who is the Chairman and founder of the business, wants to showcase the attractions of his business firms. This YouTube channel will act as a medium for that. All of you can watch and enjoy the different contents that post on this channel and also welcomes your valuable comments for improvements.