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24k Gold Plated Pendants


Gold-plated jewellery is unique in the sparkling world of adornments because it may combine affordability with the classic elegance of gold. The renowned brand in 1 gram gold-plated jewellery and gold-plated jewellery online, Parakkat Jewels, highlights the necessary procedures for maintaining the appeal of these priceless objects. Understanding the need for careful maintenance, Parakkat Jewels provides professional guidance online on how to keep gold-plated jewellery looking as good as it did when it was first worn.

Important tips from this blog include avoiding strong chemicals, cleaning often but gently, and storing items properly to minimise damage. To guarantee that items stay as attractive as the day they were purchased, this advice is essential for everyone who owns this. The skill of Parakkat Jewels goes beyond upkeep; they provide a great selection of one-gram gold-plated jewellery that exudes class and toughness. By keeping jewels in excellent condition, owners may extend their lifespan and improve their beauty.

Importance of Proper Cleaning

The need to provide careful maintenance for the plated gold jewellery is emphasised by Parakkat Jewels. Maintaining the attraction of gold-plated jewellery extends beyond simple beauty, regardless of whether it is 1 gramme or purchased online. Cleaning the treasured items properly prolongs their life by maintaining their lustre and beauty. Each item of 1gm gold-plated jewellery online is preserved in its splendour because of the exquisite patterns that demand attention. One gramme of gold-plated jewellery is a valuable and long-lasting addition to the collection because of this attention.

Preparation Before Cleaning

Collecting the required materials is a good idea before starting the cleaning procedure, according to Parakkat Jewels. Particularly for 1 gramme gold plated jewellery that may be purchased online, this preparation is essential for plated gold jewellery. Soft cloths, gentle detergents, and other non-abrasive products must be carefully chosen for this task. This phase guarantees that the beauty of the gold-plated jewellery is maintained for people who treasure their pieces, preparing them for a secure and efficient cleaning procedure.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process

To protect the delicate gold coating, Parakkat Jewels recommends a careful cleaning procedure for plated gold jewellery. A gentle cloth should first be slightly moistened with water and a small amount of mild detergent. Avoid using too much pressure when cleaning the gold-plated jewellery. Use a clean, soft cloth to quickly dry after rinsing with a wet towel soaked in plain water. By using this technique, the flawless quality of the one-gram gold-plated jewellery is preserved and the life of the gold-plated jewellery is guaranteed online.

Additional Care Tips

Parakkat Jewels suggests keeping the jewellery correctly and staying away from harsh chemicals to guarantee the longevity of the plated gold jewellery. One gramme of gold-plated jewellery can be tarnished by harsh handling and conditions. The 1gm gold-plated jewellery will stay shiny and free of scratches if you store it in a dry, soft-lined box. If you follow these instructions, the gold-plated jewellery will remain flawless and colourful, just like the day you purchased it.

About Parakkat Jewels

Parakkat Jewels has been a foundation of dependability and style since its establishment in 1990. The brand is known for its timeless elegance and unmatched craftsmanship. This esteemed firm is a pioneer in creating jewellery from 1 gram of gold that is expertly combined with 24-karat gold to attain both grandeur and affordability. With a dedication to quality and a long history of dependability, Parakkat Jewels has established a reputation as a trustworthy choice for anyone seeking grace and flare in their adornments. Due to their wide variety of beautiful designs and devotion to providing the best in gold-layered jewellery, they have become a destination for lovers of timeless beauty.


Q: Why is it important to clean gold-plated jewellery regularly?
A: Regular cleaning of gold-plated jewellery is crucial because it removes accumulated oils, dirt, and tarnishes, which can dull the jewellery's appearance over time. This maintenance ensures that the jewellery maintains its lustre and appeal, keeping it looking new and vibrant.

Q: What are the recommended methods for cleaning gold-plated jewellery by Parakkat Jewels?
A: Parakkat Jewels recommends a gentle approach to cleaning gold-plated jewellery. This involves using a soft, lint-free cloth lightly dampened with warm water and a mild soap. Gently rub the jewellery to remove any dirt or residue, rinse with a clean, damp cloth, and dry thoroughly. Harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, and vigorous scrubbing should be avoided to prevent damage to the gold layer.

Q: Can I use home remedies like vinegar or baking soda to clean gold-plated jewellery?
A: While home remedies like vinegar and baking soda are popular for cleaning various types of jewellery, they are not recommended for gold-plated items. These substances can be too harsh and may strip the gold layer.

Q: How often should I clean my gold-plated jewellery?
A: The frequency of cleaning gold-plated jewellery depends on how often you wear it. As a general guideline, cleaning every two to three months is advisable to maintain its shine and prevent the buildup of substances that can tarnish or damage the plating.

Q: Are there any special care instructions for storing gold-plated jewellery?
A: Yes, proper storage is essential for preserving the integrity and appearance of gold-plated jewellery. It should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture, which can contribute to tarnishing. Using a jewellery box with a soft lining or individual soft pouches can prevent scratches and physical damage. It's also recommended to store jewellery pieces separately to avoid them rubbing against each other.

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