Parakkat is always ready to serve the products purchased from The service of the product varies according to the type of the product. All services are done only at the head office. So, it took us 30 days’ to service a product. The service cost is decided as per the warranty conditions applicable to the purchased product, and we inform the customer of the service charges prior to their payment. The service process starts only with the customer's consent. A soft or hard copy of the bill and warranty paper is mandatory. All the grievances are being handled gently under the supervision of the head office. Parakkat provides service only for products purchased from its own managed showrooms or website.


Procedure for Service The product that was purchased from Parakkat should be brought to our nearest showroom and given to Parakkat’s sales executive. Clearly communicate the discrepancy with the sales executive. Then the sales executive provides the service job card printed out with the company seal. The charges will be mentioned in the job card. From there, we take care of it and contact you back once all service is finished, or if any difficulties occur in doing service, we will inform the customer as soon as possible.

After the service, the head office will dispatch the product to the respective shop and inform the customer for collection. All the payments can be done at the showroom, where you can collect the serviced product. The free service can be used only once before completing two years of purchase. After two years, there will be no free service. Premium products have three-year warranty then the product is not subjected to service. Either the product can be exchanged or bought back.


Parakkat Jewels Buy Back Policy


All the products that were purchased from Parakkat are possible to buy back at their own showrooms. This policy doesn’t mean a cash refund. The customer can buy new ornaments by trading the old ones. So, it helps customers use fresh and new designs according to trends. The buyback amount will be clearly mentioned in the warranty paper. A hard or soft copy of the bill and warranty paper is mandatory for buyback.

By using this policy, customers can save a little money. Because normally this type of product does not have resale value, So, people kept all these types of products in any corner of their homes for a long time after a few years of usage. because the model may be out of fashion or the size may not fit them. Commonly, it has some minute damage. So, for the first time in the history of imitation ornaments, Parakkat has introduced a Buyback warranty for its premium model product category, which is the PR model category.