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Article: BTS: The Art of Crafting 24K One Gram Gold Plated Jewelry at Parakkat Jewels

Art of Crafting 24K One Gram Gold Plated Jewelry at Parakkat Jewels

BTS: The Art of Crafting 24K One Gram Gold Plated Jewelry at Parakkat Jewels

Crafting is an art that is not simply a business but an ode to tradition and modernity coming together, especially if the subject is 24K one-gram plated gold jewelry, the delicate and intricate process of which is celebrated at Parakkat Jewels. The process from an idea for a design to a beautifully made 1gm gold plated jewelry online is a work of love at Parakkat Jewels, marked with painstaking workmanship and an eye for detail that can only be born of passion.


The process starts at the design studio, where craftsmen, taking inspiration from contemporary and traditional patterns, conceive the first drafts. This is the most crucial part of the process, as this is where the overall design is born. Each gold-plated wedding jewelry set is a carefully thought-out innovation that creates pieces that resonate with their customers, for nothing but the very best in elegance and originality will do.

Wax Moulding and Smith Work

The designs are approved; then wax models of the jewelry are created. This step is absolutely critical, as this is, in effect, the prototype for the real deal. Craftsmen then use the wax molds to cast the gold-plated imitation jewelry in metal, usually a superior quality copper alloy famous for its sheen and durability. The next smithwork involves shaping and soldering the metal pieces, which are now ready for the precise detailing that Parakkat Jewels is famous for.

Cutting, Matting, and Buffing

The next stage is the process of cutting, matting, and buffing, where the cast pieces are painstakingly refined. Each piece is delicately cut to highlight the design, matted so that the texture is even, and then buffed to a perfect shine. It is an important step since the base metal provides a perfect imitation of the harlequin appearance of real gold, providing a good base for the plating process.

Palladium Coating and Gold Plating

The next step is the application of a palladium coat before the actual process of gold plating begins. This crucial process is useful to prevent the base metal from oxidation and to provide better bonding of the gold plating as well, in effect, ensuring the durability of the jewelry. The gold-plated jewelry online is then plated with 24K gold to provide a rich, sumptuous, luxurious finish for which Parakkat jewels are famous. This process ensures that not only does each piece of jewelry look splendid, but it is also long-lasting & timeless.

Final Touches

After that, the jewelry is then hand-finished by master craftsmen who provide the piece with any final touches that the jewelry may require. This could be the placement of the stones, any intricate filigree work, or just the finishing polish. These final stages are what distinguish the gold-plated jewelry set pieces from Parakkat Jewels, with a standard of perfection that is unmatchable.

Quality Check and Evaluation

No piece of jewelry ever leaves the workshop without a stringent quality check. The quality check ensures that each piece meets the high standards of Parakkat Jewels. The quality team ensures that each gold-plated wedding jewelry set is checked for any defects in craftsmanship, safeguards the plating is uniform, & all gemstones are set securely.

About Parakkat Jewels

Parakkat Jewels online is a pioneer of the jewelry industry, known for its beautiful 24k gold-plated jewelry crafted from one gram of gold. Their range of gold-plated jewelry set collection has a variety of styles, each of which is thoughtfully and meticulously designed in a way that makes Parakkat Jewels a byword for quality and innovation in the world of jewelry. Whether for daily use or for a special occasion, their range of 1-gram gold plated jewelry pieces is sure to complement any dress in the best possible way, and this is why they have become the favorite of those who look for luxury and strength in their jewelry.


How are the pieces made at Parakkat Jewels?

The steps involve designing, wax molding, metal smithing, matting, buffing, palladium coating, gold plating, and strict quality checks.

What goes into the making of the jewelry?  

Copper alloy of great quality and 24K gold plating, so as to make each piece strong and beautifully finished.

How strong is the gold plating used?

Palladium coating is used beneath the gold plating to give more strength and resistance to wear.

Are the designs handcrafted?

Indeed, all pieces of jewelry involve hand finishing, so as to bring in unique elements that machine manufacturing is not capable of.

What makes Parakkat Jewels different?

Their focus on quality, coupled with traditional craftsmanship as well as contemporary designs, make each piece not just a piece of jewelry but a piece of art.

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