Must-Have Gold Layered Jewellery for Women on Dhanteras Festival 2023

Diwali festivities are celebrated with family by lighting diyas, and buying precious things like gold. If you cannot buy solid gold then you can also buy gold layered jewellery which also serves the same significance.

Significance of Dhanteras:

Dhanteras is the kickstart of Diwali facilities and an auspicious occasion to purchase gold and precious things. Everyone celebrates Dhanteras with joy and happiness.

• Why do we celebrate Dhanteras 2023?

On the day of Dhanteras, Samudra Manthan happened from where Goddess Lakshmi and God Dhanvantari emerged to make the world full of wealth, prosperity and health. Also, the wife of King Hima saved him from predicted death with gold and earthen lamps.

• Importance of Dhanteras in India

Dhanteras marks the initiation of good health and well throughout the year. People buy gold from Parakkat Jewels online with the hope of staying prosperous and healthy by the grace of god.

  • Importance of gold on Dhanteras

The reason behind buying gold signifies prosperity and good fortune as a symbol of the goddess Lakshmi and the God Dhanvantari. Buying Parakkat one-gram jewellery brings prosperity and happiness.

Gold-Layered Chain:

The gold layered chain collection of Parakkat Jewels is stunning and unique whether you are buying men's layered gold chain or a gold chain for women.

• The layered necklace in gold is perfectly crafted with three colours of pearls which looks ethereal and awesome.

• For men’s layered gold chain, this minimal yet classy chain is perfect to adorn on the occasion of Diwali.

Layered Gold Bracelets:

The gold hand bracelet is perfect to give your lady. Ladies diamond bracelets are one of the most demanded 1-gram gold jewellery. They can be worn with Western and traditional wear.

• This beautiful 24k gold plated bracelet made with beautiful green stone is very royal and beautiful.

• You can opt for this ladies diamond bracelet made with beautiful stone which is perfect for small occasions or even for office wear.

Gold-Plated Earrings:

Gold-plated earrings are a perfect gift for any lady. Women's Gold plated earrings are perfectly safe from allergies to sensitive skin. You can adorn Gold Layered earrings for any occasion from Parakkat Jewels.

• These beautiful stone jhumka earrings gold are beautifully crafted in three steps to give a perfect look.

• The craftsmanship of these beautiful gold-plated ear studs in the shape of a swan is like a twinkling diamond in your ears. These beautiful Gold earrings for women made with astonishingly beautiful three pearls in the shape of clover are mesmerizing.

Gold Layered Rings:

The gold designer ring with trending gold ring design is perfect to buy this Dhanteras to show your unique taste. From one gram gold layer jewellery to 24k pure gold layered jewellery you can buy them in anything from Parakkat Jewels.

This beautiful gold ring with stone is perfectly arranged with navratana.

• You can buy a small and classy men ring in gold layer to give to your husband or fiance which shows your love and adoration to them.

• Then a small and minimal ad stone ring with black stone is a must-have to wear anywhere or gift to your wife/ fiance.

Gold-Plated Anklets:

Anklet is one of the dream jewellery for any girl especially those who were in the era of Bollywood obsession. This leg bracelet for ladies is important in your collection. You can buy an anklet bracelet online or at a physical store.

• These minimal and light ladies' ankle bracelets are made with detailed craft.

• The old yet beautiful thick ankle bracelet is perfect to represent your Bollywood obsession.

• The bold and minute craftsmanship of these chains for legs is stunning from Parakkat Jewels.

Gold-Layered Pendant Sets:

The gold locket and chain from Parakkat Jewels have a wide variety which can be wonderful to have. These latest gold-layered pendant designs for females are very trendy and awesome.

• The pendant one-gram gold new design of beautiful flowers is very attractive with 5 petals and stone studded.

• This latest gold-layered pendant design of a female with an interwoven circle of a mandala is astounding.

• The Parakkat Jewels lock shape pendant is stunning with a big stone in the center.


1. What exactly is gold layered jewellery, and how does it differ from pure gold?

Gold layered is lesser in weight than pure gold while the craftsmanship is better in layered gold.

2. Can gold-layered jewellery be worn with both traditional and Western outfits?

It can be worn with any outfit depending on the design of jewellery and style of outfit matching each other.

3. Where can I purchase high-quality gold layered jewellery for Dhanteras?

You can buy Gold from a trusted shop or buy online from Parakkat Jewels who have the trust of their many customers.

4. Can you recommend some online platforms for purchasing gold-layered jewellery?

Online platforms like Kalyan Jewellers, Tanishq and Parakkat Jewels are perfect for purchasing authentic and genuine gold at a good price range.