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Article: Elevate Housewarming Gifts with these 5 Gold Plated Idols by Parakkat Jewels – A Unique Touch for Auspicious Beginnings

Gold Plated Idols

Elevate Housewarming Gifts with these 5 Gold Plated Idols by Parakkat Jewels – A Unique Touch for Auspicious Beginnings

Get involved with the spiritual allure of devoutness & stylishness with Parakkat Jewels' superb gathering of one gram gold plated idols, perfectly made to brilliance. It really doesn’t matter if it's a housewarming ritual, an inauguration event, or simply a gesture of sincere welcome, the gold plated idol serves as the typical representation of prosperity. From the grand presence of gold laxmi ganesh idol to the eternal love depicted in gold plated Krishna idol, or gold plated Durga idol, each piece carries ages of tradition and devotion. Embrace the timeless beauty & sacred meaning of these idols, making them the ideal choice for gifting on auspicious occasions.

1. Elephant Idol PIDRBEL1-011:

The elephant, revered as a symbol of wisdom, strength, & prosperity, takes the spotlight in this specially crafted gold plated murti. Perfect for adorning mantelpieces or altar spaces, this majestic piece radiates a sense of opulence with style. Gift such elephant idols to symbolize blessings of wisdom and good fortune upon the new homeowners.

2. Ganesha Idol PIDRSG14-021:

Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and harbinger of prosperity, graces this exquisite gold plated Ganesh murti. With intricate detailing and a radiant finish, this idol is a perfect addition to any home, bringing blessings of success, prosperity, and auspicious beginnings. Ideal for placing at entrances or prayer rooms, the Ganesha Idol is a timeless gift of divine protection and blessings.

3. Krishnan Radha Idol PIDRGRK2-053:

Finding the needed love & eternal bond with Lord Krishna and Radha, this gold plated Krishna idol is a picture of pure devotion & fondness. With beautiful workmanship & fine detailing, this gold plated idol radiates warmth and love, making it a supreme gift for nurturing synchronization in the new house.

4. Rama Parivara Idols PIDRSRLSH2-0061:

The heavenly company of Lord Rama, attended by Sita, Lakshmana, & Hanuman, graces this amazing gold plated idol set. Being the perfect symbol for righteousness and loyalty, these divinity gold plated idols bring blessings of protection, unity, and prosperity to the household. Gift the Ram Parivar Idol to summon divine blessings and harmony in the new abode.

5. Lakshmi Ganesh Saraswathi Idol PIDRGLGS1-0022:

Now feel the divine trinity of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, & Goddess Saraswathi with this stunning Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati idol. On behalf of wealth, & wisdom, this piece brings blessings of abundance, success, & knowledge to the domestic. Gift the Lakshmi Ganesh Saraswati murti to usher in a sweet mixture of affluence & auspiciousness.


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What makes gold-plated idols from Parakkat Jewels unique for housewarming gifts?

Parakkat Jewels' gold-plated idols are made with special courtesy to feature, displaying holiness, which makes them the best sacred sign for a new place.

Can I find idols suitable for various religious beliefs and customs in Parakkat Jewels' collection?

Yes, we offer a sea of gold-plated idols of many deities from Hindu mythology, serving all religious beliefs & customs.

Are Parakkat Jewels' gold-plated idols customizable for a more personal touch?

While our items come in usual designs, we also offer customization choices to put a personal dash, making them perfect for special times & gifting.

How can gold-plated idols contribute to positive energy in a new home?

Gold-plated idols are believed to release positive energy, & make a fine setting in a different place.

Are the gold-plated idols from Parakkat Jewels suitable for both traditional and modern home decor?

Yes, our gold-plated idols have gorgeous designs that finely merge with both old-style & present-day house decoration styles, putting a hint of grace & religiousness to any space.

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