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gold plated pendant


Just think about the happiness on your loved one's face as they unpack an accurately 1 gram gold plated jewellery, knowing that it was selected with thoughtfulness. Each item depicts a story, symbolizing the valued moments shared between 2 souls. And with the assurance of guaranteed quality of pendant gold plated or gold plated wedding jewellery set, you can rest assured that your gesture of love will endure the test of time. 

So why wait for a special purpose to make someone feel superior? Take the break to amaze your beloved today with one of our top 5 picks for gold plated pendants. From delicate necklaces to the best gold plated jewellery online, these charms will surely leave a nice impression and ignite the flame of romance. 

Golden Locket PGLT17-07

  • Your Sweetheart's Essence: Made with accuracy & passion, this heart-shaped pendant summarizes the crux of love, precisely showing a pair inside. 
  • Exquisite Design: The complex design radiates cleverness, making it a perfect ad-on to any ornament gathering.
  • Symbol of Devotion: Wear this item close to your heart on a supple silver chain, letting it to radiate your warm nature. 
  • Quality Assurance: Be assured, our golden locket is made from 1st-class Cu alloy & coated with 24kt gold, ensuring toughness with longevity. 

Stone Pendant PSLT4WG-041

  • Hold on Young Love: This delightful piece captures the joy of nascent romance, having a heart with a boy & girl side by side, signifying the loveliness of young affection.
  • Symbol of Innocence: Ideal for people who love the sweet minutes of youth, this item serves as a notice of the pure feelings that accompany young love. 
  • Quality Word: Rest secure, the piece is made from the best Cu alloy & coated with 2kt gold, verifying durability. 
  • Convenient Shipping & Returns: Now you can enjoy buying with our quick shipping and easy return policy without any hassle.

Stone Pendant PSLT79W-09 

  • Indian Artistry: Dive into the allure of Indian craftsmanship with our Stone Pendant PSLT79W-09. This beautiful piece claims complicated, concentric, & symmetric patterns.
  • Symbol of Cultural Depth: Wear this artistic pendant with pride, as it symbolizes the depth of our culture and heritage. 
  • Quality Assurance: Fashioned from top copper compound and layered with 24 carat gold, it is built to last. 
  • Additional Information: Made in our country, this pendant is a proof of our potential for fineness. 

Golden Locket PGLT2-06 

  • Minimalist Charm: It is created from high-quality copper alloy & claiming a lightweight built, it gives style & comfort equally.
  • Versatile Appeal: It doesn’t matter if it is worn alone or with other pieces, this adds a smell of sophistication to any dress. 
  • Quality Assurance: Rest assured, this locket is backed by a lifetime service warranty, ensuring lasting quality and durability. 
  • Additional Information: Owned and marketed by Parakkat Pearls and Jewels (India) Pvt. Ltd., our brand stands for fineness & client satisfaction.

Stone Pendant PRSLT3W-051

  • Radiant Elegance: This beautiful piece radiates radiant class, having a stunning design decorated with shimmering AD stones and finished with a luxurious 24 ct gold layering.
  • Intricate Design: The subtle details & flawless finish make it a charming addition that naturally improves any outfit.
  • Versatile Glamour: Whether worn as a separate declaration ornament or balancing with other item, the Stone Pendant PRSLT3W-051 puts a dash of allure to any ensemble. 
  • Convenient Shipping & Returns: Enjoy hassle-free shopping with quick shipping and easy return options. Benefit from free shipping all over India and the convenience of cash on delivery.


Discover the epitome of elegance and affordability with Parakkat Jewels online, your ultimate destination for exquisite 24k gold layered jewellery. Our collection has stunning pieces crafted with precision and passion, each boasting the comfy touch of 24k gold layering. From 1 gram gold plated jewellery to intricately designed earrings, necklaces, gold plated jewellery set and bracelets, we deliver an ocean of choices to match every style & occasion. Fell the pull of our gold-plated jewellery sets, perfectly made to put a dash of allure to any ensemble. It you're looking for the ideal statement piece or an ageless decoration, Parakkat Jewels has you enclosed. Look into our assemblag online & pamper in the treat of 24k gold plated jewellery that's both beautiful & reasonable.


Why choose everyday jewellery for gifting?

Ordinary jewellery is versatile, ageless, & faultless for daily wear, making it a thoughtful & practical gift choice.

Are these pieces suitable for both casual and formal wear?

Yes, our pieces are calculated to match any dress, informal or formal. It definitely puts a hint of grace to all appearances.

Can I personalize these items for a more meaningful touch?

Regrettably, personalization options are not obtainable at the minute. But our wide selection has something for all people.

Is there a specific metal or material preference for everyday jewellery?

Our normal items are made with high-quality materials, counting with copper blend treated with 24 ct gold, positive durability.

Can I purchase these items online, and what is the return policy?

We offer a hassle-free return strategy with a 3-day replacing option from the date of delivery for you.

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