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Article: Take a Look at Parakkat Jewels' Top 7 Trending AD Stone Pendants

Parakkat Jewels' Top 7 Trending AD Stone Pendants

Take a Look at Parakkat Jewels' Top 7 Trending AD Stone Pendants

Parakkat Jewels are known to bring one the best handcrafted jewels that belong to an era where time and trends were infinite. Their gold-plated pendants are noted for their trendy designs. Parakkat Jewels have a special place among all their collections. These 24k gold plated pendants they design are a mix of conventional artistry and modern design – a must-have for anyone in pursuit of elegance underlined with versatility.

Why Choose AD Stone Pendants?

AD stones, known as American Diamonds, are artificial gems, that have the brilliance and clarity of a real diamond, but at a much affordable cost. That is one of the reasons why they are prevalent in the jewelry world. The visual appeal of the AD Stone 1 gram gold plated jewelry by Parakkat Jewels is further enhanced with each of its offerings being dipped into a layer of 24K gold to give both opulence and endurance to the pendants. The gold-plated jewelry set is versatile enough to match all types of occasions, ranging from daily use to special occasions. Thus, giving a perfect choice for adorning any jewelry wardrobe.

Top 7 Trending AD Stone Pendants from Parakkat Jewels

Parakkat Jewels have a collection of AD stone pendants that is not just vast, but also tremendously beautiful. Every piece speaks for itself. Here are the top seven 24k gold-plated pendants of Parakkat Jewels that have stolen the hearts of many people and were most famous:

  1. The Stone Pendant with Stud (PMSLT5WR-003, PMSHST61WR-082) features AD stones meticulously set into a copper alloy base, finished with a 24 ct gold layer. Weighing 24 grams and with a pendant width of 5cm coupled with a stud width of 3cm, this set epitomizes luxurious detailing and enduring style, backed by a lifetime service warranty.

  2. For a touch of refined simplicity, the Design No. PMSLT2WG-003, PMSST3WG-052 presents a sleek and polished design free of stones, focusing purely on the elegance of the form. With dimensions of 2.5 cm square, a total weight of 15 grams, and a protective 24 ct gold layer, this gold-plated jewelry online speaks to understated beauty.

  3. The Stone Pendant with Stud (PMSST2WBL-052, PMSLT1WBL-003) combines functionality with grace, featuring AD stones embedded in a copper alloy and covered with 24 ct gold. The pendant spans 3cm in width with the studs slightly smaller at 2cm, altogether weighing 13.18 grams.

  4. For those who favor minimalist yet charming designs, the Stone Pendant with Stud (PMSLT1WG-003, PMSST2WG-052) offers a compelling choice. Weighing 10 grams with both pendant and studs measuring 3cm and 2cm respectively, this 1-gram gold plated jewelry is ideal for versatile wear, enhanced by its golden finish and AD stones.

  5. The Stone Pendant with Stud (PMSLT1W-005, PMSST1W-082), weighing a robust 42.07 grams, features larger dimensions with the pendant at 5cm and studs at 2.5cm. It is crafted from a copper alloy and detailed with AD stones, all under a gleaming 24 ct gold layer, making this 1 gm gold-plated jewelry online a standout accessory for any collection.

  6. Bold and expressive, the Stone Pendant with Stud (PMSLT2W-055, PMSHST10W-023) stands out with its unique design. The pendant and studs, measuring 3.5cm and 7cm respectively, and weighing 42.07 grams, are adorned with AD stones and encapsulated in a rich gold layer, providing a captivating aesthetic.

  7. Lastly, the Stone Pendant with Stud (PMSLT2WR-052, PMSHST23WR-022) features an attractive arrangement of AD stones within a 4cm wide pendant and 2cm wide studs. This pendant necklace gold plated, weighing 10 grams, combines the durability of a copper alloy base with the luxury of a 24 ct gold layer, ensuring both beauty and quality.

About Parakkat Jewels:

At Parakkat Jewels online, we believe in the fusion of artistic design with quality raw materials. Our 1-gram gold plated jewelry, crafted with intricate detail, in 24-karat gold plating, is designed to enhance your aesthetics and leave an impression of enduring wearability. The gold-plated jewelry set collection is varied—necklaces, bangles, earrings—each piece appealing to traditional, as well as modern sentiments.


What are the top 7 trending AD stone pendants at Parakkat Jewels?

The trending designs are all models, moving from simple and elite to complex and statement-making one above the other.

What makes Parakkat Jewels' AD stone pendants unique?

Parakkat Jewels' AD stone pendants are unique due to their exquisite craftsmanship, combining high-quality American Diamonds with 24k gold plating to offer both luxury and affordability in each piece.

What are AD stone pendants, and why they are popular?

Synthetic diamonds are usually cost-effective and are widely used in AD stone pendants as they have the same sparkling look as real diamonds.

Can AD gemstone pendants be worn with other matched jewelry?

Absolutely. AD stone pendants are super versatile and go with several gold-plated or even real gold ensembles for a matched-up look.

How can I ensure that my AD stone pendant remains as shiny and brilliant as it is now?

Avoid exposure to chemicals and moisture; also, polish with a soft cloth at regular intervals and store in a moisture-free place.

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