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24k Gold Plated Bangles


When it comes to adorning your little ones, nothing spells charm and safety quite like the exquisite collection of gold-plated bangles from Parakkat Jewels. Famous for their lovely designs and beautiful appearance, our bangles not only add to the cuteness of your babies but also ensure all-day comfort.

Through a rich selection of jewellery, ranging from 24k gold plated bangle to bangle bracelet, Parakkat Jewels aims to provide the best quality together with the customer's satisfaction.  Their products, such as guaranteed gold-plated jewellery, are both vibrant and rustic, hence becoming the primary choice for people who wish to embrace the prestige of gold at a friendly cost.

Here’s a look at the top 5 gold plated bangles for babies, crafted by Parakkat Jewels, that make them the perfect choice for parents seeking style without compromising on comfort.

Shining Little Golden Baby Bangle

Crafted with precision, the Baby Bangle PGBB14-59 exemplifies simplicity and elegance. Its slender look with glittering 24k gold plated bangle material, as well as being customizable by size to ensure a comfortable fit on the delicate skin of your infant, is a guarantee. This bangle's design ensures it is versatile enough to pair with any outfit therefore it is a perfect option for everyday elegance.

Charming Round 24K Gold-Plated Baby Bangle

The Baby Bangle PGBB30-59 is another stellar example of Parakkat Jewels' stunning craftsmanship. The simplicity and comfort of this 24K gold-plated bangle make it ideal for wearing at special events. The durability of the gold plating and its luxurious natural shine make it a stylish and resilient option for your beloved one.

Playful Kitten Baby Gold-Plated Bangle

The Baby Bangle PEBB2-112-541 stands out with its adorable and unique design, featuring a charming little kitten figure at its centre. This adds to the beauty of the product while making it a fun and interesting item in contrast to plain old traditional bibs. When designed with shining gold plating and boasting an anti-tarnish finish, it promises durability and a lifetime of lustre. The bangle’s lightweight and fine details make it a lavish and suitable option without creating any kind of discomfort, turning it into a work of art that harmonises with your baby’s playful nature.

Gorgeous Swan Stone Baby Bangle

Give your baby's style a touch of glamour with the Stone Baby Bangle PSBB4W-114-521, embellished with a graceful swan figure, and studded with shimmering AD stones. No wonder this style not only adds a touch of class but also gives a sparkle of festivity, making it just right for special events. The bangle adjusts to fit and is gold plated with 24kt gold. Its long-term beauty is ensured by its anti-tarnish finish. Every element in this bracelet has been carefully made, ensuring that the stones are tightly set with no exposed sharp edges, which prioritises baby safety and comfort.

Why Choose Parakkat Jewels?

Parakkat Jewels offers a remarkable collection of gold-plated bangles for babies, each piece crafted to blend classiness with comfort. From simple designs to adorable motifs, every bangle shows the innovation and creativity of the craftsman at Parakkat Jewels. With anti-tarnish and 24k gold plating ensuring a lifetime of brilliance, these bangles are not just accessories but cherished keepsakes that grow with your little one.

So why settle for anything less than the best? Visit our website today to explore our full range and make your baby's wardrobe truly enchanting.

Shop Now and let your baby sparkle!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why choose gold-plated bangles for babies from Parakkat Jewels? 

Parakkat Jewels provide bangles that are not only beautiful but also safe for babies' sensitive skin, combining style with practicality.

  1. Are gold-plated bangles suitable for babies' sensitive skin? 

Yes, all bangles are designed with high-quality materials and smooth finishes to ensure they are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

  1. How do I determine the right size of gold-plated bangle for my baby? 

Parakkat Jewels offers a sizing guide online, and customer service can assist you in choosing the perfect size.

  1. Can I customise or personalise gold-plated bangles for my baby from Parakkat Jewels? 

Yes, customization options are available to make your chosen bangle unique to your baby’s style and needs.

  • How can I purchase the top 5 gold-plated bangles for babies from Parakkat Jewels?
  • Visit the official Parakkat Jewels website or the nearest Parakkat store to explore and purchase from their exclusive baby bangle collection.

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