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One Gram Gold Plated Jewellery


Step into timeless beauty and refined elegance with Parakkat Jewels' magnificent assortment of gold plated bracelet tailored specifically for women. Imbued with the essence of sophistication and crafted to perfection, our gold plated jewellery set claims an ocean of styles that serve all likings and events. From intricately one gram gold plated jewellery to minimalist styles, each charm is a display of attractive skill & supreme quality. Each bracelet in our collection is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, confirming a smooth finish that shows wealth. Please be on a road with us as you check out our top 5 gold plated imitation jewellery from this great assembly, only to inspire & delight today’s woman searching to make a report with her add-ons. Find out the best gold plated jewellery online, that will vibe with your bravura & puts a dash of charm to your broad look.

Stone Bracelet Bangle PSBRB41WR-081

Uplift your chic with the mesmeric Stone Bracelet Bangle PSBRB41WR-081 from Parakkat Jewels. This attractive piece is a true masterwork, adorned with shimmering white AD stones & appealing ruby articulations that add a drop of appeal to any dress. Made with accuracy from top Cu alloy & enclosed with 24kt gold, this thing claims comfy style. Obtainable in almost all, it naturally mixes attractiveness with cleverness. 

Stone Bangle PSBRB23W-081

Beautify your wrist with elegance and sophistication with the Stone Bangle PSBRB23W-081 from Parakkat Jewels. This stunning piece features dazzling white AD stones that exude timeless beauty and charm. With its average weight of 7.6gm & a depth of 9.3mm, it strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort. It has many sizes, including 2.4, 2.6, & 2.8, and options for single or pair buying. Supported by a lifetime service warranty & convenient shipping options, this stuff isn’t just any jewellery but a sign of fine taste & great quality. 

Bracelet PGBR57-15-052

Now you can raise your style quotient with the exquisite Bracelet PGBR57-15-052 from Parakkat Jewels. This stunning stone armlet boasts a captivating design, crafted with precision from high-quality copper alloy and delicately layered with 24 ct gold. Ornamented with sparkling white and green stones in a round pattern, it gives a dash of elegance to any clothing, whether paired with an old-style lehenga or up-to-date dress. Existing in a range of sizes from 2.2 inches to 2.8 inches, and choices for single / pair purchase, this thing really certifies a faultless fit for each unlike wrist. 

Palaka Stone bracelet PSKMBR 18W-14-052

Get involved in the grace of the Palaka Stone bracelet PSKMBR 18W-14-052 from Parakkat Jewels. Made with care, this splendid piece has beautiful stones perfectly set on a base of Cu amalgam & pleasingly coated with pure gold. With its complicated design & comfy finish, this anklet radiates sophistication & charm, putting a bit of allure to any attire. 

Stone Bracelet Bangle PSBRB16W-081

Hold erudition & style with the Stone Bracelet Bangle PSBRB16W-081 by Parakkat Jewels. This spectacular piece is decked with healthy white AD stones. Backed by a lifelong provision warranty & apt delivery, it's not just a piece of jewellery but a representation of superior taste & durable quality. Lift your look up with the eternal class of this item & let its beaming prettiness shine cheerfully.


At Parakkat Jewels online, we pride ourselves on presenting exquisite 1 gram gold plated jewellery that displays ageless grace & complexity. Our vast & exclusive gathering contains a striking range of gold plated jewellery set, squarely planned to exactness. From complicatedly calculated bangles to dazzling jewellery sets, we strive to give our customers with the finest gold jewellery online that promises both luxury and affordability. With our promise to guaranteed one gram gold plated jewellery and convenient online shopping options, Parakkat Jewels is your ultimate destination for the best in gold-plated jewellery.


What makes Parakkat Jewels' daily wear gold-plated bracelets stand out?

Parakkat Jewels' daily wear gold-plated bracelets stand out for their exquisite craftsmanship, timeless designs, and superior quality. 

Can I wear Parakkat's gold-plated bracelets every day without worrying about tarnishing?

Parakkat Jewels' daily wear gold-plated bracelets are crafted with high-quality materials and guaranteed gold-plating, safeguarding long-lasting shine and resistance to ruining even with daily wear.

What styles are available in Parakkat's top 5 daily wear gold-plated bracelets for women?

Parakkat's top 5 daily wear gold-plated bracelets for women feature a variety of styles, counting with smooth bangles, subtle chain bracelets, etc. 

Are Parakkat's daily wear gold-plated bracelets adjustable for different wrist sizes?

Yes, many of Parakkat's daily wear gold-plated bracelets are adjustable or available in multiple sizes to make items for all wrist sizes.

Can I mix and match Parakkat's daily wear gold-plated bracelets with other jewellery?

Totally! Parakkat's daily wear gold-plated bracelets are multipurpose pieces that can be easily mixed & worn with other pieces to make adapted looks.

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