Ganesh Idol PIDRBG6-003
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Standing at a height of 8.5cm, this intricately crafted idol showcases Lord Ganesh's divine presence in your sacred space. With a length of 9.5cm and a width of 5.6cm, it's the perfect size to grace your home with his benevolence. This statue is created from high-quality materials, including resin, 24ct gold, and black terracotta, ensuring both durability and elegance. The stand is crafted from wood, providing stability and a natural touch to the idol. There are only 12 of these divine idols left in stock, so hurry and bring home the blessings and positive energy that Lord Ganesh symbolizes. Exhibit this unique idol on a wooden shelf or console table. Incorporate natural elements like potted plants or a bamboo rug to enhance its earthly charm.

Model PIDRBG6-003

Height 8.5cm

Length 9.5cm


Average Weight : 

Stand: Wood

Idol Mateial:  Resin , 24ct Gold and Black Terracotta




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